Tiny House Versus a Mobile Home: What is the Difference?2022-12-29T14:42:22+00:00

Tiny homes and mobile homes are small, portable dwellings that can be used as permanent or temporary living spaces. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Tiny homes are typically built on trailers and designed to be energy-efficient and minimalist, focusing on simple, sustainable living. They are often custom-made and range in size from less than 400 square feet to several hundred square feet.

Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, are factory-built homes transported to their final location on a trailer. They are typically larger than tiny homes and can range from several hundred to several thousand square feet. Mobile homes are built to meet specific building codes and are often placed in mobile home parks or private property.

One key difference between tiny homes and mobile homes is that tiny homes are often built to be moved frequently, while mobile homes are typically meant to be more permanent structures. Tiny homes may also be built using more environmentally-friendly materials and construction techniques than mobile homes.

What type of site preparation needs to be done prior to delivery?2022-12-08T19:54:12+00:00

Before delivery, the site will need some preparation.

We refer this process to contractors who specialize in this type of work. Due to variations in site preparation needs, the contractor will need to come and evaluate your property for an accurate estimate. Variables that adjust cost are;

  • Topography- Grading may be necessary for the unit site and driveway. If possible, we suggest you pour a slab and address the driveway and parking needs.
  • Connections for water, power, and sewer or well and septic options (Remember distance = $$)
  • Slab or footers – we suggest pouring a slab if possible. Some topography requires footers and pillars due to terrain.
  • Propane or natural gas requirements for heat, gas stoves, and water heaters.


What is the build time of a tiny home?2022-12-08T18:51:15+00:00

8 weeks

Can I pull my tiny home with my own truck?2022-12-08T18:50:39+00:00

Our tiny homes weigh about 40,000 pounds so you will need a professional moving company.

Do you offer financing?2022-12-08T18:48:32+00:00

Yes, we work with 2 banks that specialize in tiny home mortgages.

Where can I put my tiny home?2022-12-08T18:47:35+00:00

You will need to check with your local city zoning department so they can help answer this question.  Each city is different in its requirements.